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Torres said: "It was just a scare. I hope to come back very soon." Players from both teams immediately rushed to Torres and called for medical help. He was assisted for several minutes by doctors before being taken off on a stretcher and transferred to a hospital. Speaking at his post-match news conference, Atletico coach Diego Simeone said he was "worried and nervous" when the incident happened. "We heard the blow from the bench, we saw how he fell and we were afraid," he said. "We didn't know if that noise was Fernando's neck or not." Atletico finished the game with 10 men, having used all three substitutes, but earned a point thanks to Antoine Griezmann's stunning 30-yard strike. Deportivo had taken an early lead in Pepe Mel's first game in charge when Florin Andone capitalised on a poor Jan Oblak goal-kick. "Everybody was speechless in the dressing room because of what happened," said Griezmann. "In the end I do not care about the result.

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Curtis Kelly grew up minutes away from Ross Park Mall. Now he lives in one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City. Hes worked in public relations for six years, during which time hes been part of red carpet events connected to the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby and the Coachella music festival. Hes the senior vice president east coast director for BrandLink Communications, a firm with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Curtis Kelly (Photo by Sean Gnomes) Red carpet politics: For public relations teams, its a balancing act. Its making sure that all of your press is getting what they need, but also making sure all of the talent is happy. You want it to be fun for everyone. That can be challenging sometimes. Youll have aggressive celebrities who dont want to walk the carpet or aggressive press that wants to ask a bunch of questions. Its a huge production, and you dont really get that sense of it when youre seeing it in a photo or a segment.

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